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American Flag picture Here you may once again listen to those great old radio classics by way of contemporary broadcasters. These broadcasts each contain several complete old-time radio programs provided by broadcasters dedicated to preserving and encouraging Old Time Radio.

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Jerry began broadcasting over several Southern California stations from 1969 till 1989. In 1974, with Jim Coontz and Kevin Stern, he started an old time radio club in Los Angeles, The Society To Preserve and Encourage Radio Drama, Variety and Comedy, using the acronym SPERDVAC. In 2002 he offered to Guest host his very close friends, John and Larry Gassman's "Same Time, Same Station" temporarily till they could take it over again. John and Larry are now back and you hear their excellent programs right here every week right here on his Olde Tyme Radio Network. Jerry is continuing on using his original show title of "Old Time Radio Classics."


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    This Week's Old Time Radio Classics Schedule:

    Shakespeare at 454

    NBC special presentation honoring William Shakespeare's 373rd birthday anniversary

    Episode 216 12-30-45 "The Case of Shakespeare's Ghost"
    STARS: Lon Clark, Helen Chaote, Ed Latimer, John Kane
    MUTUAL LIN-X Sundays 3:30 - 4:00pm

    Episode 1 - 12th season 8-16-52 "Scenes From Julius Caesar"

    "The John Barrymore Theater"

    Episode 4 5-24-50 "Twelfth Night"
    Reprise of original 1937 series
    NARRATOR: Gain Whitman
    MUSIC: Will Prior
    NBC BLUE SUSTAINED Mondays 9:15 - 10:00 pm


    Larry and John Gassman's
    "Same Time, Same Station"
    Identical twin brothers, John and Larry Gassman are used to surprising skeptics. Blind since birth, they have been exceeding the expectations of doubting observers all their lives.
    The Gassman's radio careers were launched in 1973, at a small radio station at Rio Hondo College in Whittier. By 1980, they were the sole hosts, producers and engineers of the KPCC-FM radio program, "Same Time, Same Station". The show was devoted to airing vintage radio programs which featured dramas, comedies, variety programs, news broadcasts and documentaries from the 1930's, '40's, and '50's. These original productions were aired in their entirety, uncut and uninterrupted. The show lasted until March of 2000. They then moved their program to KCSN in Northridge, California. In 2002 they both became to busy to continue the broadcast. Rather then to see the show die, Jerry Haendiges offered to "guest" host the show temporarily. After an absence of over 8 years, the Gassman's are happy to now resume "Same Time, Same Station" on my Olde Tyme Radio Network (and I'm really happy to have them back)..


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    New programs added every Sunday

    This Week's Same Time, Same Station Program Schedule:

    This week we salute Red Skelton, part 2.

    We begin with our continuing serial which is in 13 parts.

    from 1965. (03) Dakota Winter

    08/25/1942 (028) Red Skelton, Betty Hutton

    06/20/1943 Ep003 Red Skelton.

    09/08/1943 Ep55 Jean Arthur, Ozzie Nelson, Harriet Hillard, Red Skelton, Tito Guizar, Lena Horne, Hi Lo Jack and The Dame.


    Duane Keilstrup's
    "OTR Classics And Curios"
    Duane Victor Keilstrup, Professor Emeritus at the University of Texas at Arlington, is a native Nebraskan and a Texan by choice. He grew up enjoying big bands at the Orpheum Theater in Omaha and now produces vintage music and classic radio comedy shows on YesterdayUSA. He served many years as editor of an educational journal and recently authored a book with the subtitle "Singing and Soaring on Paths of Joy" at Xulon Press. Dr. Keilstrup and his wife of over 50 years reside in Arlington, Texas where they enjoy their three children, three grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. Duane says he is excited to join The Olde Tyme Radio Network and invites listeners to visit his website at


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    New programs added every Sunday

    This Week's Classics & Curios Show:

    "Echoes of Songs and Laughter"

    Episode 294



    Here, again, is my first show selection from “The World of Jazz”radio series hosted by John S. Wilson, widely respected 20th century New York Times critic. This show is followed by my first selection from “Here Come the Big Bands Again,” an ABC radio program featuring big bands from 1935-1945 and beyond hosted by Tedd Lawrence.

    Big band vocalist Helen Forrest is the featured performer on this show selection from “The World of Jazz.” While Helen was not known as a jazz artist, few female jazz singers could surpass her ability to caress songs with her gentle phrasing and ability to hit the perfect notes to bring out the intent of composers and lyricists. She was in fact the only female singer to sing successfully with the three top swing bands: Artie, Benny, and Harry, so Wilson chooses songs that she recorded with those bands and also one she recorded later with Tommy Dorsey’s band under the direction of Sam Donahue. Songs include “I Have Eyes,” “It’s All Yours,” “I Didn’t Know What Time It Was,” “Perfidia,” “I’ve Heard That Song Before,” “It’s Been a Long Long Time,” and “My Melancholy Baby.”


    Then Tedd Lawrence with his “Here Come the Big Bands Again” program on ABC takes the stage to showcase more of Harry James and Benny Goodman, as well as Jimmy Dorsey, Count Basie, Glenn Miller, and Les Brown. Featured are Harry’s “Crazy Rhythm,” Benny’s “King Porter Stomp,” Jimmy’s “Just Swingin’,” Basie’s “Jumpin’ at the Woodside,” Glenn Miller's “Dipper Mouth Blues,” and Les Brown’s “Lover’s Leap.”

    The “World of Jazz” and “Here Come the Big Bands Again” provide some of the finest big band performances ever recorded, and we are indebted to Jerry Haendiges for discovering, restoring, and remastering these two series of radio programs to add to his vast collection and our enjoyment. So young and old big band fans can enjoy the best orchestral sounds anew — kind of like the sheer delight that fills our senses as we view vast fields of newly blossoming Texas bluebonnetts as they paint glowing landscapes with the advent of each new spring. . .

    Big John Matthews and Steve "Archive" Urbaniak's
    "The Glowing Dial"
    Big John has been into OTR since his early teens. He met Steve in 1990 and they found that they had similar interests like OTR and things nostalgic. In 1996 they started ”The Glowing Dial” for Yesterday USA and it ran for 5 years there. They had to stop for a few years due to Big John's health. Then in 2003 they started up again and ran for 4 years when, again Big John’s health forced another hiatus. But now, they're back once again, this time hopefully to stay. Big John’s buddies Stu Chisholm and Greg Barker filled in for an absent Steve, who was involved in a full-time search for work after being let go by the newspaper he had worked at for over 20 years. But now, Steve is back! He is suitably employed now and has the time to co-host the show once again. He says he missed his time away and is very glad to be back on the air. It will take us a while to build our audience back after a 7 year hiatus, so please, tell your friends about “The Glowing Dial”! See you on the radio!


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  • Visit their Website: "The Glowing Dial"
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    New programs added every three weeks.

    This Week's Glowing Dial Program Schedule:

    The Glowing Dial
    with Big John and Steve

    March 25 thru April 14, 2018

    Big John and Steve celebrate Easter, April Fool's Day and Jefferson's Birthday!

    Bret Morrison and Grace Matthews Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone Eddie "Rochester" Anderson Edward Arnold Robert Hall
    Bret Morrison and Grace Matthews Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone Eddie "Rochester" Anderson Edward Arnold Robert Hall

    The Shadow - "Death And The Easter Bonnet" 
    originally aired on Sunday, April 17, 1949 on MUTUAL 
    Starring: Bret Morrison, Grace Matthews. 
    Andre Baruch announcing. 
    Sponsor: Blue Coal

    The Jack Benny Program - "Jack Leaves For NY To Do A TV Show" 
    originally aired on Sunday, April 1, 1951 on CBS
    Starring: Jack Benny, Mary Livingstone, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, Phil Harris, Dennis Day, 
    Verna Felton, Sheldon Leonard, Mel Blanc, Frank Nelson, Elliott Lewis?. 
    Don Wilson announcing. 
    Sponsor: Lucky Strike

    Mr. President - "Thomas Jefferson" 
    originally aired on Sunday, January 2, 1949 on ABC 
    Starring: Edward Arnold. 
    Owen James announcing. 

    The Green Hornet - "Fireworks For Smitty" 
    originally aired on Tuesday, July 18, 1944 on WXYZ, Detroit/Blue Network/ABC 
    Starring: Robert Hall. 
    Bob Hite announcing. 

    running time: 2 hours, 55 minutes, 39 seconds

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