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American Flag picture Here you may once again listen to those great old radio classics by way of contemporary broadcasters. These broadcasts each contain several complete old-time radio programs provided by broadcasters dedicated to preserving and encouraging Old Time Radio.

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"Old Time Radio Classics"
Jerry began broadcasting over several Southern California stations from 1969 till 1989. In 1974, with Jim Coontz and Kevin Stern, he started an old time radio club in Los Angeles, The Society To Preserve and Encourage Radio Drama, Variety and Comedy, using the acronym SPERDVAC. In 2002 he offered to Guest host his very close friends, John and Larry Gassman's "Same Time, Same Station" temporarily till they could take it over again. John and Larry are now back and you hear their excellent programs right here every week right here on his Olde Tyme Radio Network. Jerry is continuing on using his original show title of "Old Time Radio Classics."


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    This Week's Old Time Radio Classics Schedule:

    Martin Luther King; American Hero!
    The Negro In American History (Reprise)

    4-17-60 Guest: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Narrator: Ned Brooks
    NBC Sustained

    Episode 6 12-18-38 "The Negro In The United States"
    The story of the only group who came to America against their will.

    Episode 11 4-29-44 "Bowed Shapes"
    NARRATOR: Archibald MacLeish
    WRITER: Archibald MacLeish
    DIRECTOR: Frank Patt
    NBC SUSTAINED Saturdays 7:00 - 7:30 pm

    Episode 55 7-31-49 "The Trumpet Talks"
    The story of Louis Armstrong
    Began as a Civil Rights program, showing the Negro plight, rise, and accomplishments in America, using a predominately Negro cast.
    WRITER: Richard Durham
    PRODUCER: Homer Hect


    Larry and John Gassman's
    "Same Time, Same Station"
    Identical twin brothers, John and Larry Gassman are used to surprising skeptics. Blind since birth, they have been exceeding the expectations of doubting observers all their lives.
    The Gassman's radio careers were launched in 1973, at a small radio station at Rio Hondo College in Whittier. By 1980, they were the sole hosts, producers and engineers of the KPCC-FM radio program, "Same Time, Same Station". The show was devoted to airing vintage radio programs which featured dramas, comedies, variety programs, news broadcasts and documentaries from the 1930's, '40's, and '50's. These original productions were aired in their entirety, uncut and uninterrupted. The show lasted until March of 2000. They then moved their program to KCSN in Northridge, California. In 2002 they both became to busy to continue the broadcast. Rather then to see the show die, Jerry Haendiges offered to "guest" host the show temporarily. After an absence of over 8 years, the Gassman's are happy to now resume "Same Time, Same Station" on my Olde Tyme Radio Network (and I'm really happy to have them back)..


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    This Week's Same Time, Same Station Program Schedule:

    This week, we present Artie Shaw, part 4.

    01/28/1946 ep004 Brother Rat. Ronald Reagan, Wayne Morris.

    03/14/1946 (215) June Haver, Larry Storch, Desi Arnez, Red Skelton, Verna Felton, Pat McGeehan.

    03/24/1946 Ep398 Visiting W. C. Fields in the Sanitarium.

    04/21/1946 (16) Song of Bernadette.


    Duane Keilstrup's
    "OTR Classics And Curios"
    Duane Victor Keilstrup, Professor Emeritus at the University of Texas at Arlington, is a native Nebraskan and a Texan by choice. He grew up enjoying big bands at the Orpheum Theater in Omaha and now produces vintage music and classic radio comedy shows on YesterdayUSA. He served many years as editor of an educational journal and recently authored a book with the subtitle "Singing and Soaring on Paths of Joy" at Xulon Press. Dr. Keilstrup and his wife of over 50 years reside in Arlington, Texas where they enjoy their three children, three grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. Duane says he is excited to join The Olde Tyme Radio Network and invites listeners to visit his website at


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    This Week's Classics & Curios Show:

    "Echoes of Songs and Laughter"

    Episode 230


    Episode 230 Time again for some joyful jazz from Downbeat shows on the Armed Forces Radio Service. Jack Teagarden kicks off this set with "If I Could Be With You," featuring Bobby Hackett on trumpet. A highlight is Benny Goodman's "Farewell Blues" from 1935, and Frances Wayne performs "Lover Man," perhaps in anticipation of her future marriage to Neal Hefti while both were with Woody Herman's band.

    Woody Herman follows with another "easy breezy" Downbeat show featuring "Perdido," Neal Hefti's "Apple Honey," "Noah," "Half Past Jumpin' Time," " Golden Wedding," and " Four or Five Times." Frances Wayne sings the "oldie" "Always" and "Two Again."

    Finally, and my personal favorite this time around, is a Downbeat show with the great Red Nichols. Red delivers "Pennies from Heaven," "Love Me or Leave Me," "Blue Jay," "Naughty Waltz," "Things Ain't What They Used to Be," and "Camptown Races." Red honors some past Nichols' side men such as Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Gene Krupa, Jimmy Dorsey, Jack Teagarden, Arthur Schutt, Will Bradley, and Miff Mole from bands known by such titles as Miff Mole and His Little Molers, The Six Hottentots, Red Nichols' Stompers, and The Charleston Chasers.

    Red was influenced by Bix Beiderbecke and played generally in Bix's style, but Red was thought to be more talented. And Red's cornet style was more relaxed and less aggressive than, say, Harry James or Bunny Berigan, and his band was a mixture of the bands of Bob Crosby and Will Bradley. His theme was "Wailing to the Four Winds."

    The Downbeat show featured contemporary American jazz and, of course, derived its name from the venerable jazz magazine of the same name. Here's an interesting clip from about the era when jazz was losing popularity:

    "In the late '40s, jazz seemed to be losing its cohesion. As the big band era ebbed and swing stars were dismissed as "has-beens," tradition and modernism fought for the privilege of defining jazz. Even the word "jazz" seemed curiously passé to some. So in July 1949 DownBeat took it upon itself to announce a contest for the best word to replace "jazz." The magazine offered to pay $1,000 in cash to the person "who coins a new word to describe the music from dixieland through bop," the headline said. Second and third prizes included the services of Charlie Barnet's orchestra and the Nat Cole Trio for one night in one's home … In November came the word that the panel of judges deemed preferable to jazz: crewcut. Other alternatives included jarb, freestyle, mesmerrhythm, bix-e-bop, blip, schmoosic, and other equally contrived specimens."

    So enjoy some fine American mesmerrhythm" or, my favorite, "schmoosic." .

    Frank Bresee's
    "Golden Days of Radio"
    Frank Bresee August 20th, 1929 - June 5th, 2018

    On a 1939 school field trip, Frank visited KFAC radio station and later that year asked to be on the air. This began Frank’s radio career. 

    In 1941 Frank auditioned for “Red Ryder” radio show and was runner up to his long-time friend, Tommy Cook. This show began in 1942. 

    In 1942 Frank was Alvin on the radio show “Major Hoople” also starring Mel Blanc and Arthur Q. Bryan.  Arthur Q. Bryan was best known as the voice of Elmer Fudd. Arthur became a second father to Frank.  He often drove Frank home after the broadcasts.  In the late 50s, Frank was able to assist Arthur who was losing his sight. After Arthur passed away in 1959, Frank purchased Arthur’s grave marker. 

      After the war, Frank became a regular on the “Billie Burke” Saturday morning radio show.  He worked alongside Marvin Miller.  Frank recalled after the live radio show, Billie would have coffee and pastries ordered from the Brown Derby nearby and personally serve her audience.  

     In the early 1940s Frank began collecting radio items which grew to be one of the most important private radio history collections. As a little boy, he took his wagon, went behind radio stations and retrieved from trash various radio broadcast transcription discs. He also collected radio scripts after attending many of the broadcasts.

      In 1948 Frank spun records for Jim Hawthorne’s radio show in Pasadena, and Frank became a part of Jim TV’s show in 1950.  Frank helped write for the show and create voice tracks for Jim. 

    On August 5, 1949, Frank began the Golden Days of Radio with his large collection of transcription discs.  He played early discs from current radio shows while these shows were broadcasting new shows.

    Several years ago, Frank asked me to keep and transfer his vast collection of Transcription Discs and Tapes. He asked me to to keep his Golden Days of Radio going after he left us. There are a total of 2,749 total episodes. So this will obviously continue on for several years  


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    This Week's Golden Days of Radio Program Schedule:

    Episode 34 of The Golden Days of Radio

    Included are clips from:



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