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June, 2016

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This Week's Classics & Curios Show:

"Echoes of Songs and Laughter"

Episode 212


During World War II, the Armed Forces Radio Service obtained rights to rebroadcast the CARNATION CONTENTED HOUR to military personnel. Recordings were made on 16" electrical transcription discs for playback at 33 1/3 rpm over AFRS. Commercial messages were edited out, and the program was re-titled The Melody Hour, three of which are part of this week’s CLASSICS & CURIOS.

With its opening theme, "Contented," the musical variety show featured Canadian born Percy Faith and his orchestra. Percy refined and rethought orchestration techniques (with lush arrangements), including use of large string sections, to soften and fill out the brass-dominated popular music of the 1940s. [Of course those brass dominated recordings remain no less great!] (Wikipedia) Percy does several songs, such as “Emperor Waltz,” “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” and “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.”

Guests and performances on the shows of this episode of Classics & Curios include Duke Ellington doing “In My Solitude,” Evelyn Knight performing “It’s My Lazy Day,” and the Dinning Sisters singing “Once in a While.”

But star and program host Buddy Clark remained the main attraction with tunes like “Peg O My Heart,” “I’m Just a Prisoner of Love,” “If There is Someone Lovelier Than You,” “Falling in Love is Wonderful,” and “Who Cares?”

The Carnation Contented Hour was a long-running radio music series, sponsored, of course, by the Carnation Milk Company, which premiered April 26, 1931 on the regional NBC West Coast network. The full network series began January 4, 1932, on the Blue Network and was broadcast for two decades until its final broadcast on CBS December 30, 1951. (Wikipedia)

The Melody Hour rebroadcasts abroad provided our men and women in uniform with some peaceful musical moments from home. And that makes this rebroadcast extra special.

Thanks go to Jerry Haendiges Productions for providing these shows from Jerry's vast collection. .

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This Week's Classics & Curios Show:

"Echoes of Songs and Laughter"

Episode 213


Two more Melody Hour shows are featured on this week’s episode of CLASSICS & CURIOS. Continuing with top billing is Buddy Clark who performs “Sometimes I’m Happy,” “Mam’selle,” “I’m Full of Fun and Fancy Free,” “Bidin’ My Time,” “I Kiss Your Hand Madame,” “We Could Make Beautiful Music Together,” and more.

Percy Faith and his orchestra bring several instrumentals, and the guest group Mullin Sisters take the spotlight to sing “When Day Is Done” and “Sleepy Time Gal.” And the Charioteers give a memorable version of “So Long.”

Taking their name from one of their favorite songs, “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,” the Charioteers talent led them to be backup artists for three major singers over a ten-year period: Pearl Bailey, Frank Sinatra, and Bing Crosby. One of the great harmonizing groups of the 1940’s, they were Bing’s favorite quartet, and they accepted Bing’s invitation to join him on his radio show. As popular as the group was on radio and in live performances they curiously had only one R & B chart recording: “A Kiss and a Rose” in 1949.

Together, both of these vintage Melody Hour shows offer performances that remain entertaining some 70 years later.

Both shows are available from Jerry Haendiges Productions. .

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This Week's Classics & Curios Show:

"Echoes of Songs and Laughter"

Episode 214


The Melody Hour returns with two more shows starring baritone Buddy Clark and Percy Faith and his orchestra.

Buddy takes center stage with songs like “You Are Too Beautiful,” “My Heart Is a Hobo,” “All Through the Day,” and “I Only Have Eyes for You.” Percy and his orchestra shine on songs like “Dizzy Fingers,” “Stella By Starlight,” and “Night and Day.”

Guests include Joe Reichman, the Pagliacchi of the Piano, and the Charles Magnante Quartet. Reichman plays a tune I have often dedicated to my wife, “All the Things You Are,” and the Magnante Quartet performs a lively version of “Liza.”

The Charles Magnante Quartet first appeared in the mid 1930’s on the Lucky Strike Hit Parade Show and later in 1939 made musical history by performing at Carnegie Hall as an accordion chamber ensemble. The Quartet also performed on several radio shows like Fred Allen’s Town Hall Tonight and the Major Bowes Capitol Family program. On this episode of the Melody Hour Magnante performs his own composition with the title “Accordianna.” Magnante certainly achieved his goal of forming an accordion ensemble that would bring increased respect for the accordion in association with excellent music.

These Melody Hour shows and many more are available for purchase at Jerry Haendiges Productions online. .

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This Week's Classics & Curios Show:

"Echoes of Songs and Laughter"

Episode 215


Time on CLASSICS & CURIOS to tune in the Harry James Show and enjoy one of the greatest trumpet artists of all time. His music varied over the years from the 1930’s and into the 1960’s and beyond from jazz to sweetness and then to jazz again, in later years influenced by Count Basie. Jazz critics especially were unhappy with his recordings in the “schmaltzy” style of “You Made Me Love You,” with added strings and velvety sweetness. The general public, me included, loved it and virtually any style Harry chose. His digital dexterity and superior tone with the trumpet were amazing and at one point led his idol Louis Armstrong to compliment him. In answer to his critics Harry once told jazz critic Steve Voce, “I really get bugged about these people talking about [compromising] commercial tunes [like “Sleepy Lagoon”] … I don't think we've ever recorded or played one tune that I didn't particularly love to play. Otherwise, I wouldn't play it.“

The story of Harry James music is long and fascinating, and I recommend that listeners visit the archives of John and Larry Gassman’s “Same Time, Same Station” on this very Olde Tyme Radio Network to experience Harry’s career and wonderful recordings on their 6-part series featuring Harry James, with insightful commentary by Perry Huntoon. In Harry's career, his story is enhanced beautifully, of course, by singers like Frank Sinatra, Helen Forrest, Dick Haymes, and Kittly Kallen, as well as by bandleaders Ben Pollack, Glenn Miller, and Benny Goodman.

The 4 shows rebroadcast here are among several radio shows that featured Harry James, such as Chesterfield Time which passed to Harry when Glenn Miller left for the Air Force. Also, Harry and the orchestra were featured on the Danny Kaye Show and then, as here, filled in for Danny during the summer.

On this episode of CLASSICS & CURIOS we find Harry and his orchestra performing in sweet and swinging styles on tunes such as “King Porter Stomp,” “Moten Swing,” “Jiggers the Beat,” "The Mole," “Rose of Washington Square,” “My Ideal,” “The Music Stops,” “The 9:20 Special,” and “Chiribiribin,” his theme song. Vocalists Helen Moore and Buddy DIVito join the band on songs like “I Remember April” and “Someday I’ll Meet You Again.”

The Harry James shows on this episode are available for purchase online at Jerry Haendiges Productions. .