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July, 2017

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The Glowing Dial
with Big John and Steve

July 16 thru August 5, 2017

Big John and Steve are afraid of something in the "Night" !

Donn Reid Frank Lovejoy Larry Haines Paul McGrath Peter Lorre
Donn Reid Frank Lovejoy Larry Haines Paul McGrath Peter Lorre

Nightwatch - "Kid Explosives" 
originally aired on Friday, June 4, 1954 on CBS 
Starring: Police Officers Sgt. Perkins and Detective Herd of Culver City, California, 
Donn Reid as the Police Recorder. 

Night Beat - "Football And The Syndicate" 
originally aired on Monday, June 12, 1950 on NBC 
Starring: Frank Lovejoy, William Conrad, Jeanette Nolan, Ted Von Eltz, Norman Field. 
Don Rickles and Frank Martin announcing. 
Sponsor: Wheaties

Inner Sanctum Mysteries - "I Walk In The Night" 
originally aired on Tuesday, February 26, 1946 on CBS 
Starring: Larry Haines. 
Paul McGrath hosts.
Mary Bennett announcing commercials. 
Sponsor: Lipton Tea

Creeps By Night (AFRS Mystery Playhouse) - "The Six Who Did Not Die" 
originally aired on Tuesday, July 11, 1944 on The Blue Network/AFRS 
Peter Lorre hosts. 

running time: 2 hours, 56 minutes, 33 seconds

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