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October, 2016

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October 16 thru November 5, 2016

Big John and Steve celebrate Halloween!

Harold Peary Herb Butterfield Marian and Jim Jordan Eve Arden
Harold Peary Herb Butterfield Marian and Jim Jordan Eve Arden

The Great Gildersleeve - "The Halloween Party" 
originally aired Sunday, October 31, 1943 on NBC 
Starring: Harold Peary, Walter Tetley, Lurene Tuttle, Lillian Randolph, 
Richard LeGrand, Shirley Mitchell, Earle Ross, Bea Benadaret. 
Ken Carpenter announcing. 
Sponsor: Kraft Foods

Author's Playhouse - "The Inexperienced Ghost" by H.G. Wells 
originally aired Monday, December 4, 1944 on NBC 
Starring: Herb Butterfield, Wilms Herbert, Claire Brown, Charles Egleston. 

Fibber McGee and Molly - "Halloween Party At Gildersleeve's House" 
originally aired Tuesday, October 24, 1939 on NBC 
Starring: Jim and Marian Jordan, Harold Peary, Donald Novis, Bill Thompson, 
Billy Mills Orchestra, Isabel Randolph. 
Harlow Wilcox announcing. 
Sponsor: Johnson's Wax

Our Miss Brooks - "Halloween Party" 
originally aired Sunday, October 30, 1949 on CBS 
Starring: Eve Arden, Jane Morgan, Richard Crenna, Gale Gordon, Leonard Smith, 
Jeff Chandler, Gloria McMillan. 
Bob Lemond announcing. 
Sponsor: Colgate Dental Cream, Lustre Creme Shampoo

running time: 2 hours, 56 minutes, 25 seconds

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