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August, 2016

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August 14 thru September 3, 2016

Big John and Steve confess that "It's A Mystery To Us"!

Henry (Harry) Morgan Peter Lorre Maurice Tarplin Bret Morrison
Henry (Harry) Morgan Peter Lorre Maurice Tarplin Bret Morrison

Mystery In The Air - "The Horla" 
originally aired Thursday, August 14, 1947 on NBC 
Starring: Peter Lorre, Peggy Webber, Lurene Tuttle, Ken Christy, Ben Wright, 
Howard Culver, Jack Edwards Jr. 
Henry (Harry) Morgan as the Voice Of Mystery
Michael Roy announcing. 
Sponsor: Camel Cigarettes

The Molle Mystery Theater (AFRS Mystery Playhouse) - "Nightmare" 
originally aired Tuesday, November 28, 1944 on NBC/AFRS 
Starring: Peter Lorre (host for AFRS). 
Sponsor: Molle Shaving Cream (sponsor spots cut by AFRS)

The Mysterious Traveler - "Fire In The Sky" 
originally aired Tuesday, August 28, 1951 on MUTUAL 
Starring: Maurice Tarplin, Bret Morrison, Joyce Gordon, Leon Janney. 
Bill Tonkin announcing. 

Mysteries Of The Mind - "E.S.P." 
originally aired Sunday, December 11, 1938 on WOR/MUTUAL 
Starring: Henry Morgan (host), Hugh Lind Casey. (Psychic Investigator), Lucien Warner (Columbia University), 
Henry S.W. Hardwick (organizer of the New York Psychic Forum & editor of a psychic newsletter), 
Dr. Thomas L. Garrett (Psychiatrist, Hypnotist). 
Produced by Roger Bower (Can You Top This?)

running time: 2 hours, 58 minutes, 46 seconds

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