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July, 2014

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Big John and Stu are playing games with you!

Twenty Questions - The Mouse That Ran Up The Clock
originally aired Sunday, March 10, 1946 on MUTUAL
Starring: Bill Slater (host), Fred Van Deventer, Florence Rinard, Bobby McGuire, 
Herb Polasie, E.J. Kahn (panelists) 
Robert Martin announcing.

The Ask-It-Basket - What Is A Ruminant?
originally aired Thursday, September 21, 1939 on CBS
Starring: Jim McWilliams (host). 
Panelists are: a stenographer, a sailor, a buyer, a student.
Del Sharbutt announcing.
Sponsor: Colgate

Truth Or Consequences - 6th Anniversary Celebrity Show
originally aired Saturday, March 23, 1946 on NBC
Starring: Ralph Edwards (host), Eddie Cantor, Jack Benny, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, 
Phil Harris, John Charles Thomas, Dinah Shore, George Montgomery, Rudy Vallee, 
William Bendix, Basil Rathbone, Charlie Cantor, Ken Carpenter, Harlow Wilcox, 
Jimmy Wallington, Truman Bradley, Don Wilson.
Jay Stewart announcing.
Sponsor: Proctor and Gamble for Duz

Can You Top This? - Complaints
originally aired Saturday, January 11, 1947 on NBC
Starring: Ward Wilson (host), Senator Ford, Harry Hershfield, Joe Laurie, Jr., Peter Donald. 
Charles Stark announcing.
Sponsor: Colgate/Palmolive

running time: 2 hours, 43 Minutes

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